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St Nicholas, Church Lane, Tooting

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Tooting parish church, close to St Boniface, it sits in a large churchyard. The building is of 1833 by T.W. Atkinson. A chancel was added in 1873-75 and transepts in 1889, both by J.P. St Aybyn. The interior has been subdivided and the chancel, transepts and east end of the nave form the worship space, the rest is hall and offices. There are a few monuments from the older parish church that this building replaced.

    tooting_st_nicholas201216_26 xxtooting_st_nicholas201216_31
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_1  tooting_st_nicholas201216_32
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_33  tooting_st_nicholas201216_2
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_3  tooting_st_nicholas201216_18
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_6  tooting_st_nicholas201216_17
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_21  tooting_st_nicholas201216_19
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_4  tooting_st_nicholas201216_25
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_5  tooting_st_nicholas201216_22
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_11  tooting_st_nicholas201216_8
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_10  tooting_st_nicholas201216_7

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