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St Francis de Sales, High Road, Tottenham

Over the road from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium It was built in 1895 to designs by Sinnott, Sinnott and Powell, a new sanctuary was added in 1966-67 by Archard and Partners.


St Francis, Lebus Street, Tottenham Hale

This is claimed to be the first new build Anglican church in London for 40 years, it came into use in October 2017 and was dedicated in November 2017. The congregation had begun meeting in 2013. It is on the Hale Village Estate on former industrial land between Tottenham Hale station and the River Lea, the masterplan and design for the whole development is by BDP.

Lee Valley Estates, the developers, provided an area on the ground floor of one of the housing blocks on a 500 year lease. This is called the Engine Room and as well as a worship area offers halls, rooms and a cafe. The triptych called “The Eternal Engine” and the Stations of the Cross paintings (15 rather than the traditional 14 as there is an extra called Resurrection) were created by Graeme Mortimer Evelyn. Towards the back of the church is an underfloor full immersion font.


The Good Shepherd, Minchley Road, Tottenham

A small building with a hall to one side. Since 2010 it has been used as a Mission church to St Mary, Tottenham. It was built in 1891 and designed by John W. Couchman and was used as a church until the 1930s, after which it was leased out for secular use. The lease was taken back and the building restored to provide a church near to the Tottenham Hale area.

St Benet Fink, Walpole Road, Tottenham

A large church by J.S. Alder dating from 1911-12, funded from the demolition of the city church of the same name.

tottenham_st_benet_fink120913_ tottenham-st_benet_fink190915_18
 tottenham-st_benet_fink190915_17  tottenham_st_benet_fink120913_3
 tottenham-st_benet_fink190915_  tottenham-st_benet_fink190915_2
 tottenham-st_benet_fink190915_6  tottenham-st_benet_fink190915_12
 tottenham-st_benet_fink190915_1  tottenham-st_benet_fink190915_11
 tottenham-st_benet_fink190915_14  tottenham-st_benet_fink190915_8
 tottenham-st_benet_fink190915_16  tottenham-st_benet_fink190915_5

St Philip, Philip Lane, Tottenham

A 1906 church by J.E.K. and J.P. Cutts some way west of Tottenham High Road.

Holy Trinity, Tottenham Green

A Commissioner’s church of 1828-30 by James Savage opposite Tottenham bus garage.

tottenham_holy_trinity120913_2  tottenham_holy_trinity120913_23
 tottenham_holy_trinity120913_  tottenham_holy_trinity120913_24
 tottenham_holy_trinity120913_3  tottenham_holy_trinity120913_11
 tottenham_holy_trinity120913_9  tottenham_holy_trinity120913_21
 tottenham_holy_trinity120913_10 tottenham_holy_trinity120913_16

St Mary the Virgin, Lansdowne Road, Tottenham

A typical large church of 1885-87 by J.E.K. Cutts. It was founded by Marlborough College which is one of the reasons for its more ornate than usual interior. Church website


St Paul, Park Lane, Tottenham

In the shadow of Spur’s White Hart Lane stadium. It is under a block of flats and was designed by Biscoe and Stanton in 1971-77. It presents two different faces to the street, depending on which street you are in. Church website.

tottenham_st_paul120913_  tottenham_st_paul120913_3
 tottenham_st_paul190913_  tottenham_st_paul190913_2

All Hallows, Church Lane, Tottenham

The ancient parish church of Tottenham. The tower is 14th century with an 18th century top. The south porch is late 14th century, the south aisle late 15th century. The north aisle dates from 1816 and the east end of 1875-1777 by William Butterfield. The nave roof and much of the decoration is by Butterfield too.

tottenham_all_hallows070215_3 tottenham_all_hallows120913_1
 tottenham_all_hallows120913_2  tottenham_all_hallows260915_
 tottenham_all_hallows120913_6  tottenham_all_hallows120913_3
 tottenham_all_hallows070215_2  tottenham_all_hallows070215_
 tottenham_all_hallows070215_8      tottenham_all_hallows260915_8
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_49  tottenham_all_hallows260915_13
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_10  tottenham_all_hallows260915_5
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_55  tottenham_all_hallows260915_7
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_4  tottenham_all_hallows260915_17
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_53  tottenham_all_hallows260915_47
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_51  tottenham_all_hallows260915_42
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_12  tottenham_all_hallows260915_54
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_11  tottenham_all_hallows260915_23
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_36  tottenham_all_hallows260915_37
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_34  tottenham_all_hallows260915_35
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_33  tottenham_all_hallows260915_44
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_27  tottenham_all_hallows260915_25
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_38  tottenham_all_hallows260915_39

St John the Baptist, Great Cambridge Road, Tottenham

Prominent above a major road junction. It was built in 1939 and designed by Seely and Paget. The interior has a gallery carried on a bridge across the centre of the nave. Church website

tottenham_st_john_the_baptist120913_1 tottenham_st_john_the_baptist120913_
 tottenham_st_john_the_baptist120913_4  tottenham_st_john_the_baptist120913_7
 tottenham_st_john_the_baptist120913_8  tottenham_st_john_the_baptist120913_9