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Holy Trinity, Tottenham Green

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A Commissioner’s church of 1828-30 by James Savage opposite Tottenham bus garage.

tottenham_holy_trinity120913_2  tottenham_holy_trinity120913_23
 tottenham_holy_trinity120913_  tottenham_holy_trinity120913_24
 tottenham_holy_trinity120913_3  tottenham_holy_trinity120913_11
 tottenham_holy_trinity120913_9  tottenham_holy_trinity120913_21
 tottenham_holy_trinity120913_10 tottenham_holy_trinity120913_16

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  1. P Hatswell says:

    So pleased to have seen these pictures. My paternal grandparents were married here in 1907. I can now imagine them standing in front of the altar for their final blessing and walking down the aisle. A love match and v happy, they remained married for 57yrs, had 3 living children, living in Leytonstone for 54yrs in the same house and miraculously surviving the intense bombing all around.
    Thanku for your site. Blessings to everyone. P

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