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St Barnabas, Pimlico

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1847-50 by Thomas Cundy II. The chancel was decorated in the later 19th century by Bodley. A Lady chapel was created and decorated by Comper with much Kempe glass added to the windows.

pimlico_st_barnabas090212_4  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_113
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_114  pimlico_st_barnabas090212_5
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_111  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_110
                                  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_112  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_78
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_108  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_102
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_101  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_71
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_104  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_105
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_57  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_68
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_53  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_49
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_59  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_54
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_48  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_41
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_37  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_39
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_51  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_61
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_21  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_24
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_32  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_34
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_15  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_16
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_17  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_19
 pimlico_st_barnabas020515_4  pimlico_st_barnabas020515_12

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