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St Mark, Hamilton Terrace, St John’s Wood

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The nave is by Thomas Cundy II from 1846-47, the spire was completed in 1864 and rebuilt in 1955. The chancel and porches were added by Benjamin Ferrey in 1866-78. The images below are from late 2014. Late on 26 January 2023, the church caught fire (cause unknown) and is currently a burnt-out shell. The remains are stable, but its future is unknown as of January 2023. The set of post-fire images further down,  were taken on 31 January 2023.

  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_3  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_2
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_65  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_7  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_33
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_11  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_20
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_8  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_59
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_54  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_56
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_57  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_39
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_42  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_43
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_27  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_34
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_17  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_19
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_9  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_52
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_26  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_12
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_16  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_6

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