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St Andrew, Southbridge Road, Croydon

South of the town centre, this is a church designed by Benjamin Ferrey in 1857.

All Saints, Royal Parade, Blackheath

A landmark on Blackheath as it is surrounded on all sides by the heath with no separation at all. It was designed by Benjamin Ferrey and built 1857-1867. The porch and vestries were added in 1890 and 1899 by A.W. Blomfield. Many windows were blown out in WW2 leaving a light interior. The screen is a WW1 memorial.

St Nicholas, Church Lane, Chislehurst

Set in a spacious churchyard in the old village. It is a 15th century church, enlarged several times in the 19th century. Benjamin Ferrey rebuilt the chancel in 1849 and Bodley and Garner lengthened it in 1896, adding the organ case and reredos. The south aisle is also by Ferrey and the spire was rebuilt taller in 1857 by Wollaston.


Holy Trinity, Trinity Road, Upper Tooting

Part way up the hill from Tooting Bec towards Wandsworth Common. The church is by Anthony Salvin from 1854-55. The tower and north transept were added by Benjamin Ferrey in 1860. He widened the north aisle in 1889. The south aisle that had been widened in 1893 is now divided off as a hall. The wall paintings of 1906-13 by Richard Castle are awaiting restoration.

upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_53  upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_
 upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_1  upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_33
 upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_37  upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_48
 upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_43  upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_45
 upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_47  upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_38
 upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_29  upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_16
 upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_3  upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_4
 upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_6  upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_5
 upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_19  upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_31
 upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_14  upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_17
 upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_18  upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_22
 upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_20  upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_34
 upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_50  upper_tooting_holy_trinity201216_49

St Anne, Kew Green, Kew

This church originated as a small chapel of 1710-1714, it was lengthened and a north aisle added in 1768 by J.J. Kirby. The west front and south aisle came in 1805, designed by Robert Browne. A mausoleum by Benjamin Ferrey was added east of the east end in 1850-51. In 1884 the current east end was added and the south aisle rebuilt by Henry Stock.

kew_st_anne201016_7  kew_st_anne201016_6
 kew_st_anne201016_5  kew_st_anne201016_
 kew_st_anne201016_2  kew_st_anne201016_4
 kew_st_anne301116_48  kew_st_anne301116_47
 kew_st_anne301116_15  kew_st_anne301116_23
 kew_st_anne301116_31  kew_st_anne301116_32
 kew_st_anne301116_16  kew_st_anne301116_17
 kew_st_anne301116_18  kew_st_anne301116_19
 kew_st_anne301116_20  kew_st_anne301116_29
 kew_st_anne301116_38  kew_st_anne301116_37
 kew_st_anne301116_35  kew_st_anne301116_33
 kew_st_anne301116_8  kew_st_anne301116_44
 kew_st_anne301116_40  kew_st_anne301116_42
 kew_st_anne301116_11  kew_st_anne301116_13

Christ Church, Victoria Road, Kensington

Hidden away in back streets but with a churchyard. It was built 1850-51 and designed by Benjamin Ferrey. Some of the west end is now partitioned off.

                   kensington_christ_church170316_53  kensington_christ_church170316_51
 kensington_christ_church170316_55  kensington_christ_church170316_59
 kensington_christ_church170316_1  kensington_christ_church170316_6
 kensington_christ_church170316_14  kensington_christ_church170316_34
 kensington_christ_church170316_35  kensington_christ_church170316_25
 kensington_christ_church170316_41  kensington_christ_church170316_45
 kensington_christ_church170316_24  kensington_christ_church170316_30
 kensington_christ_church170316_7  kensington_christ_church170316_16
 kensington_christ_church170316_19  kensington_christ_church170316_15
 kensington_christ_church170316_8  kensington_christ_church170316_36
 kensington_christ_church170316_38  kensington_christ_church170316_43

St Mary, Church Lane, Merton

The ancient parish church of Merton, it is in a large churchyard in the old village. The exterior was refaced and new aisles (north –  Benjamin Ferrey 1856, south – F. Digweed 1856). The core of the building is a Norman nave and 13th-century chancel. The arch into the vicarage is of c.1175 and came from Merton Priory.

St Mark, Hamilton Terrace, St John’s Wood

The nave is by Thomas Cundy II from 1846-47, the spire was completed in 1864 and rebuilt in 1955. The chancel and porches were added by Benjamin Ferrey in 1866-78. The images below are from late 2014. Late on 26 January 2023, the church caught fire (cause unknown) and is currently a burnt-out shell. The remains are stable, but its future is unknown as of January 2023. The set of post-fire images further down,  were taken on 31 January 2023.

  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_3  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_2
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_65  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_7  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_33
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_11  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_20
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_8  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_59
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_54  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_56
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_57  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_39
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_42  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_43
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_27  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_34
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_17  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_19
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_9  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_52
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_26  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_12
 st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_16  st_johns_wood_st_mark_hamilton_terrace191214_6

St John the Evangelist, Angell Town, Brixton

An impressive church of 1852-53 by Benjamin Ferrey. The chancel is divided off as a hall.

brixton_angell_town_st_john_the_evangelist051214_8 brixton_angell_town_st_john_the_evangelist051214_10
 brixton_angell_town_st_john_the_evangelist051214_14  brixton_angell_town_st_john_the_evangelist051214_11

Christ Church, Union Grove, Clapham

A church of 1861-62 by Benjamin Ferrey. The chancel was furnished and decorated in 1867 by G.E. Street. Much of this has been lost but there have been some recent moves to reinstate some of the 19th century decoration.

clapham_christ_church131114_1 clapham_christ_church131114_2
 clapham_christ_church131114_3  clapham_christ_church131114_5