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St Peter (Former), Cricklewood lane, Cricklewood now Sadhu Vaswani Mission

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This building was the church hall for St Peter. The church was built in 1891 and demolished in 1970s (the site is now the car park for the Virgin Active health club over the road). Worship was transferred to the church hall of 1910 which had the dormer windows added at this time. This building was sold in 2003 and is now being converted to be the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. The congregation has since met in buildings in nearby Claremont Road.



  1. Simon Atkinson says:

    These photos are of the church hall where worship took place temporarily between the demolition of the church and the adaptation of the former schoolroom next door.

    The adjoining building that is to the east (only partly visible in cricklewood_st_peter_former270417_1) was the Parish Church from the 1970s to the 1990s. It had very prominent tall narrow triangular dormer windows added while it was the church, but these were removed when use it passed to the Sadhu Vaswani Mission.

  2. Christina A Veasey says:

    Dear Ediitor,
    There is something wrong about this record and Wikimedia by Mr Salmon regarding St Peter’s Parish Church, Cricklewood Lane, NW2. I was born in nearby Caddington Road in March 1945 and I attended St Peter’s regularly through my childhood and particularly while attending Childs Hill Primary School (Greenfield Avenue). The photo with the blue door was indeed the Church Hall. An accurate photo of St Peter’s CofE Church (in the high church catholict radition) is shown in sepia on another searchable website dated 1906 showing children walking past. I moved away in 1964 so it could well have been demolished (sadly) in 1970. So presume there was some parish amalgamation with All Saints, Childs Hill?
    What happened to its pipe organ? That inspired me to learn adding to my piano skills learned nearby from age 5. Please share this info with others so we can create a more accurate archive.

  3. Simon Atkinson says:

    From the early 70s to the early 2000s the former school building next door to the hall was converted into a Church. I was baptised in the church in 1987. After the building closed in the early 2000s the church worshipped at the Baptist Church in Cheviot Gardens and latterly in the Carey Hall. For the last 2-3 years they’ve been meeting in the new vicarage and in Whitefields School. The photo on this site is of the church hall.

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