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St Barnabas, Churchdown Road, Downham

One of several churches by Sir Charles Nicholson to serve the rapidly growing London County Council estates being built. A hall by him was built in 1926 and served as the church until the actual church was built in 1928.

St Mark, Baudwin Road/Castillon Road, North Downham

A small church of 1960 that replaced a 1948 building based on two Nissan huts serving the post WW2 prefab Excalibur Estate. That estate has now been largely redeveloped.

St Andrew, Sandhurst Road, Catford

A large suburban church of 1903-1904 by P.A. Robson on a hilltop some way from the town centre.

Holy Cross, Sangley Road, Catford (Roman Catholic)

One of many “Ellis” churches in south London, this is by F.W. Tasker and was built in 1903.

The Annunciation and St Augustine, Beckenham Hill Road, Beckenham Hill (Roman Catholic)

A church of 1963 by Raglan Squire & Partners next to Beckenham Hill station.

St Saviour, Brockley Rise, Forest Hill

This church was begun in 1865-1866 to designs by W. Smith but was not completed until 1928. It was severely damaged in WW2 and was rebuilt by 1952 minus its south aisle and the eastern end of the chancel

St Laurence, Bromley Road, Catford

Catford town centre’s church, it replaced a nearby 19th-century church that was demolished. This building is by Ralph Covell of Covell Mathews and Partners in 1967-1968. There is an octagonal church with an adjoining octagonal Lady Chapel topped by an open concrete spire.

St Mildred, St MIldred’s Road, Lee

A large church of 1878-1879 by H. Elliott. Inside the sanctuary is being used as a storage area and is curtained off from the current altar platform. The 3 single light windows in the side chapel are the final work of Wilhelmina Geddes, dating from 1951, the apse windows are by William Morris (no relation) of Westminster from 1954, all replacing older glass blown out in the war. A cartoon of the original apse windows is on show in the church. The one complete pre-war window is by Heaton, Butler & Bayne.

St Philip the Apostle, Coombe Lane, Sydenham

This building of 1982 by Nigel Melhuish replaces a previous church of 1864-1867. The worship area is extendable into a hall and an intermediate space between them. The calvary and war memorial triptych are from the previous building.

St Dunstan, Bellingham Green, Bellingham

Built in 1925 by Sir Charles Nicholson, only the western parts were built. It serves the contemporaneous Bellingham estate.