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St Saviour, Middle Park Avenue, Eltham

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One of the earliest Modern Movement church buildings dating from 1932-1933. It looms, bulky and grey over the surrounding streets of two storey houses. The architects were Welch, Lander and Nugent Cachemaile-Day. Inside there are blue slit windows above the altar and brick and concrete fittings including the reredos, pulpit and font. There is also a small side chapel with dalle de verre glass.

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  1. COLIN CARTER says:

    There’s no foto here of the man Cyril Denny. That’s a good thing in a way because I came to this site hoping to see a foto portrait of a man very large in the lives of my family – but we DIDN’T go to this church!! We all went, every Sunday, 1952 until about 1962, to Eltham Congregational Church (now rebranded as “United Reformed”) in Court-road, Eltham. Were there TWO non-conformist clergymen in Eltham with exactly the same name?? Our Cyril Denny, BTW, hailed from Southwold in Suffolk. He had a son, Steve, who was a great scout leader. I miss these men vey much – we all have to learn to be profoundly grateful for what God has granted us! I just wanted to point out that for myself, and I am sure for hundreds of others, Cyril Denny was the minister of Eltham Congregational Church, Court-road, Eltham

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