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Our Lady of the Crays, High Street, St Mary Cray (Roman Catholic)

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At the opposite (southern) end of the High Street to the Anglican parish church. The present building replaced a church, called St Joseph, that had been built in 1959 by Donald Plaskett Marshall. All that remains of that building is the tower which has a new cap replacing a 60 foot high structure supporting a cross. Even at its current height the tower is a significant landmark. The current building supersedes both that and St Peter & St Paul at St Paul’s Cray which had been built after WW2 and was sold for a housing development in 2008. The new building is by Tomei and Mackley Partnership and was built in 2010-2011. The glass at the west end was apparently brought from India and installed in 2014.

st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_36  st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_3
 st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_  st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_35
 st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_34  st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_27
 st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_30  st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_18
 st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_7  st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_9
 st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_19  st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_24
 st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_25  st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_28
 st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_11  st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_10
 st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_12  st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_17
 st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_16  st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_13
 st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_32  st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_29
 st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_14  st_mary_cray_our_lady_of_the_crays_rc070217_20

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