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St John, High Road, Wembley

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Set in a large churchyard a little way west of the town centre. The church was designed by Scott and Moffatt and built in 1844, a north aisle was added in 1859 and a south aisle by H.R. Brakspear in 1900.



  1. David Feather says:

    Is the reporter sure of which Brakspear it was who designed the South aisle? The text says HR Brakspear. Sir Harold had a brother named Hayward Richardson Brakspear who was also an architect.

  2. David Feather says:

    I have just looked at the listing on Heritage England and it says that the South aisle was added by MS Breakspear. I think they might refer to WS Brakspear, another brother to Sir Harold and another architect. So, who did the design?

  3. zoothorn says:

    I took the H.R.Brakspear from the Buildings of England. Indexing it as Harold was my doing as I must admit I was not aware of his brothers. Given the ambiguity I am about to change that. I do not know who the correct architect was. The church does not have a guidebook.

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