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St Nicholas, Church Street, Chiswick

The old parish church of Chiswick, very close to the Thames and a kilometre south of the modern town centre and the busy Great South West Road. It sits at one end of a large churchyard. The west tower is 15th century but the rest of the church was rebuilt by J.L. Pearson in 1882-84. The chancel includes three windows by William Burges from an incomplete rebuilding of 1861.


St John the Baptist, Church Street, Pinner

A large example of a typical 13th and 14th century Middlesex village church. Restored by J.L. Pearson in 1879-80, the roofs are his. It sits at the top of a hill looking down over the town centre.

pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_1  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_49
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_48 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_43
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_3  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_40
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_26  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_6
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_5  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_31
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_29  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_41
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_21  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_35
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_14  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_11
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_19  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_13
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_22  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_20
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_33  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_4
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_8  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_44

Fitzrovia Chapel (ex Middlesex Hospital Chapel), Pearson Square off Mortimer Street

Re opened in September 2015 as part of the redevelopment of the old Middlesex Hospital site a short way north of Oxford Street. The chapel was designed by JL.Pearson in 1890-91 and completed by F.L. Pearson. The marble decoration was added from 1891 until the 1930s.

             pearson_chapel020316_82  pearson_chapel020316_89
 pearson_chapel020316_86  pearson_chapel020316_87
 fitzrovia_chapel190915_  fitzrovia_chapel190915_28
 fitzrovia_chapel190915_20  fitzrovia_chapel190915_24
 fitzrovia_chapel190915_23  fitzrovia_chapel190915_18
 pearson_chapel020316_70  fitzrovia_chapel190915_14
 fitzrovia_chapel190915_11  fitzrovia_chapel190915_10
 fitzrovia_chapel190915_5  fitzrovia_chapel190915_4
 fitzrovia_chapel190915_6  fitzrovia_chapel190915_1
        pearson_chapel020316_76  pearson_chapel020316_8
 pearson_chapel020316_9  pearson_chapel020316_79
 pearson_chapel020316_77  pearson_chapel020316_4
 pearson_chapel020316_73  pearson_chapel020316_43

St Peter, Kennington Lane, Vauxhall

John Loughborough Pearson’s earliest vaulted urban parish church dating from 1863. Incongruously a city farm now comes right up to its walls.

vauxhall_st_peter060112_6  vauxhall_st_peter060112_8
 vauxhall_st_peter060112_3  vauxhall_st_peter131114_60
 vauxhall_st_peter060112_1  vauxhall_st_peter060112_5
 vauxhall_st_peter060112_4                    vauxhall_st_peter131114_53
 vauxhall_st_peter131114_1  ???????????????????????????????
 vauxhall_st_peter131114_19  vauxhall_st_peter131114_4
 vauxhall_st_peter131114_9  vauxhall_st_peter131114_15
 vauxhall_st_peter131114_2  vauxhall_st_peter131114_45
 vauxhall_st_peter131114_11  vauxhall_st_peter131114_47
 vauxhall_st_peter131114_51  vauxhall_st_peter131114_52
 vauxhall_st_peter131114_25  vauxhall_st_peter131114_35
 vauxhall_st_peter131114_27  vauxhall_st_peter131114_17
 vauxhall_st_peter131114_13  vauxhall_st_peter131114_54
 ???????????????????????????????  vauxhall_st_peter131114_38

St Peter, Westminster – Westminster Abbey

Possibly the best known church in Britain. Building of the current church, replacing an 11th century one, started in 1246 and by 1272 the chancel and four bays of the nave were complete. The west end was Norman, but the 14th century saw the towers encased. The late 14th and 15th centuries saw the nave extended west in much the same style as 100+ years earlier. The church is immensely tall for a British church being built in a French style, as are the polygonal eastern chapels. The Lady Chapel (Henry VII’s chapel) was added in 1503-1510. Since then there have been numerous restorations and reconstructions. Nicholas Hawksmoor rebuilt the west towers in 1735-45. During the 19th century work was done by George Gilbert Scott, John Loughborough Pearson, J Oldrid Scott and J.T. Micklethwaite. In the 20th W.R. Lethaby, Walter Tapper, Charles Peers, Stephen Dykes Bower, Peter Foster and Donald Buttress have carried out work. The Abbey is known for its Royal tombs, the medieval ones are in the Feretory, an area not open to general visitors due to wear and tear. The whole building is full of monuments of all periods. Much of the stained glass is post-war by Ninian Comper and Hugh Easton and in 2020 David Hockney.